A CDBG grantee has much latitude in how to use subrecipients, but this course focuses on subrecipients engaged in delivering public service activities. The management and oversight principles are applicable for all Consolidated Plan program subrecipient activities.

The course follows the CDBG subrecipient management process linearly, starting with establishing priorities in the Consolidated Plan and concluding with HUD’s role in overseeing the grantee’s relationship with its subrecipients. Participants will be introduced to important CDBG subrecipient management concepts mandated in 2 CFR 200 with an emphasis on internal controls and financial management requirements, followed by a review of portions of 24 CFR 570 pertinent to meeting national objectives and delivering public service activities. Participants will discuss various approaches to selecting subrecipients; developing and evaluating applications; and delivering effective subrecipient training and technical assistance. Participants will work through the process of building fully compliant subrecipient files, setting up subrecipient activities in IDIS, tracking subrecipient progress, then implementing the jurisdiction’s monitoring plan. 

Attendees who pass the optional exam will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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