This training will cover the fundamentals of the HOME program to include: Purpose of HOME and Key Terms; Interpreting Federal Regulations; Interpreting Federal Regulations; Eligible HOME Activities; Households Eligible for HOME; Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs); Policy Playbook; and Reporting and Monitoring.

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If you don't know your city/county/insular area's membership status, please contact to confirm membership.

This course is a prerequisite for the HOME Basics course if you have less than 1 year's experience (and highly recommended if you have 1-2 year's experience).  If you register first for the HOME Basics course, you will receive a Coupon Code to waive the fee for this course. 


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  • Purpose of HOME and Key Terms
  • Interpreting Federal Regulations
  • Eligible HOME Activities
  • Households Eligible for HOME
  • Community Housing Development Organizations
  • Policy Playbook
  • Reporting and Monitoring

This course is eligible for AICP Currency Maintenance (CM) credits.

4 AICP-CM credits. If you will be requesting AICP Currency Maintenance Credits, click here for the AICP listing for this course. To learn how to log your CM credits with APA, click here.



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