This six session course is a “deep dive” into the requirements of 2 CFR 200, the governmentwide financial management regulation that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development requires its grant recipients and subrecipients to follow when managing HUD grants. Officially titled “Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards” but also known as the ‘Uniform Guidance” the regulation tracks all of the pre-award, post-award, and after-the award events on the life of a HUD grant. And, it comes in for intense use when HUD grant recipients must make purchases to support their awards, award to subrecipients, manage the assets that are acquired and document their financial transactions. And, when it comes time for audits, the regulation contains the main criteria against which award compliance is judged. The six 2.5 hour sessions are:

  • Session 1—Federal Grant Basics That You May Not Know
  • Session 2—Preaward Expectations—HUD’s Required Up Front Practices
  • Session 3—Standards for Grantee Management Systems
  • Session 4—Administrative Requirements and Procedures
  • Session 5—Cost Allowability—Can We Charge This to Our Grant?
  • Session 6—Oversight and Audit—What to Do and What to Expect.

Designed and conducted by Bob Lloyd, a respected authority of policies and practices affecting the award, administration and audit of federal grants, contracts and subawards. Mr. Lloyd has over 40 years of experience in federal award implementation and has been engaged for training and consultation by NCDA and numerous members.    

Attendees who pass the optional exam will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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